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Top 10 cheesy wedding reception songs

Wedding receptions spring to life when the DJ starts playing those cheesy tunes. It’s the moment when young and old get to mingle on the dancefloor, so a fun-filled playlist is a must.

Playing classic cheesy songs ensures a party atmosphere. Tunes with easy dance moves are a winner, as are those tracks that are so bad they’re good! Take a look at this list of the top 10 cheesy songs that are a must-have at any wedding reception.

Top 10 cheesy wedding reception songs

1)     Celebration

What better way to celebrate the joining of two people than by singing ‘celebrate good times, come on’ at the top of your voice? This Kool & the Gang classic was covered by Kylie Minogue, so you can pick the version that tickles your fancy.

2)     Hokey Cokey

Wedding receptions bring generations together, and choosing a playlist to suit all ages can be challenging. That’s where this gem comes in. Old and young alike will bend their knees, stretch their arms and sing ‘rah rah rah’ with glee.

3)     Agadoo

This 1984 novelty song by Black Lace often pops up in those most annoying songs polls, which is why it’s a classic. The dance moves will get guests grooving to this so-bad-it’s-good tune.

4)     Mambo No. 5

If a song can get Jim and Twiggy from The Royle Family dancing, then it’s got to be a good bet. Lou Bega brought the catchy number to the masses in 1999, and we have been wiggling our hips ever since.

5)     YMCA

Camp as Christmas and just as fun, this up-tempo number will get those arms in the air. If cheesy is your aim, you can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleaser.

Conga, a cheesy wedding reception song

6)     Conga

Nothing screams wedding reception like the Conga! Who can resist joining in when the line wobbles past? A great way for everyone to have fun together.

7)     Birdie Song

Any newlyweds who want to see their guests behaving like chickens need this song on their playlist. The Tweets’ 1980s version of the ‘Chicken Dance’ will get everyone flapping like mad.

8)     Macarena

Surely at least one guest at any wedding will know the dance moves to this 1990s hit. By the end of the song, everyone will be busting the Macarena moves!

Macarena, cheesy wedding reception song

9)     Oops Upside Your Head

Seeing your guests sitting in a line on the floor making rowing actions has got to be a fab photo opportunity for any bride and groom.

10)        Congratulations

Cliff Richard says it best in this popular wedding reception song. It’s a great choice for getting everyone singing along and is cheese at its most tasty.

So that’s the music sorted, but what about the venue? Newlyweds-to-be looking for wedding reception venues in Manchester, Cambridge, Leeds or anywhere else will find a range of options for the special day. Just make sure you check until what time you can go on partying.

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