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Tired of seeing the typical cupcake designs? Well, you can see some of the most original designs by looking online.

I bet you can’t imagine all the types you could find. Cupcakes related to fashion, cupcakes related to video games such as Mario or Angry Birds, even others designed from iconic films like Star Wars. It even goes as far as finding designs inspired by technology like the iPhone and Wii! There are many more amazing cupcakes designs as well.

Most of the designs are following trends and are very unusual. Everything these days follows trends, including cupcakes.

Find the perfect bakery to buy your next cupcakes. The Lanes at Brighton is a place to find different stores, specialising in cooking these little treats and they teach you as well with some tricks to cook them.

Some bakeries have mastered the art of making cupcakes, try looking around your own city and enjoy some examples!

Image source

Take some little cupcakes for your next event. All of your guests will enjoy for sure!



  1. Paula_Mata April 17, 2012 at 20:42

    Very Original! Thanks for these great ideas! 🙂

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