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Savoury cupcakes? Why not…

Experimenting with recipes and ingredients is what makes cooking more interesting, Sometimes, you can have some good surprises and in fact many recipes are the result of experiments or even mistakes. While cupcakes stay amongst our favourite cakes and are first and foremost sweet ones, savoury cupcakes can be great for dinner parties or brunches when you want something different. Muffins are known for being as good when sweet then savoury, so why not cupcakes?

Breakfast or snack cupcakes

Imagine having cupcakes any time of the day, whether you are craving something savoury or something sweet! The idea behind a sweet cupcake is simply to enjoy our favourite cake from breakfast to dinner.

You can bake some for your first meal of the day with egg and bacon or smoked salmon and cream cheese. For lunch or brunch, try to make some ham and cheese cupcakes, or red pepper and parmesan ones.

Savoury cupcakes are definitely a good excuse to have cupcakes filled days and they can be a great surprises for your parties as well as a something your guests will not forget. You will also make some people happy, those who don’t really have a sweet tooth but like cupcakes as much as you.

Go on, be crazy and try something new that involves cupcakes!


One response to “Savoury cupcakes? Why not…

  1. vonnieejvonvon February 15, 2013 at 23:20

    OOh I love these, can’t wait to try them

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