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It’s Friday, and I’m in love!

Hi there,

fortunatey it is Friday again!! 🙂

I just wanted to write about Antonio, one of our friends and workmates who left us two fridays ago…

We miss and will miss him a lot and we hope to see him soon, (why not in September in Canari Islands as we were planning once ;))

For him and in memory of our SingStar Nights:

Thanks for all the great moments, the laughs, the jokes, the food… for all the songs!!

Grazie Antonio,

I hope to meet you again!


Paula xxx


LOL!!! check this out! XD

I was just looking for another song related to cupcakes and I found this amazing version of The Pinky Pie’s cupcakes song!

Here you can also check the original version, which is lovely, but nothing to compare with the cover. XDD

I just loved it and had to share it with you!

It’s still Tuesday, but I’m already thinking of Friday and having some cupcakes soon! 😉

Cupcakes original ideas

Hi everyone,

Luckily it’s Friday again… 🙂 and today I wanted to bring you a really cool and original idea I’ve found on youtube related to cupcakes.

Check this video out and find a new way of decorating your nails.

Quite interesting and fun nail art tutorial 😉

We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to hear form you if you try this technique and want to share with us your results!!

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon!

Cream cheese topping

As we said before here is the second Friday Cupcake post… we hope you like cream cheese topping for your cupcakes because we think… it’s simply AMAZING!!!

So let’s start with this cupcake topping idea.

Be sure you have got the right ingredients before you start making the topping:

  •           Cream cheese (250g)
  •           Butter (150g)
  •           Icing sugar (400g)
  •           Half vanilla essence teaspoon

With these measures you will make at least toppings for 15 cupcakes.

This cream cheese topping is really easy to make: you should just add all the ingredients in to a bowl and blend them as fast as you can!!!!

When you have go the mix ready, spread the topping onto the cupcakes. From our expericence, we’d recommend you spreading the topping with a warmed knife to make it smoother and for a better look. (Little tip how to warm the knife, use hot water and be careful).

There is another version of the cream cheese topping, the chocolate cream cheese one! You can make it just by adding 200g of chocolate powder to the mixture. If you liked our previous post about our chocolate cupcake recipe , this chocolate cream cheese idea might be the perfect topping for them.

Our last advice goes directly to fruit lovers! You can add pieces your favourite fruit to the topping and make your cupcake tastier!

Strawberry topping

We hope you liked this cream cheese topping recipe, and you make it DELICIOUS!!

We look forward to your feedback (with pictures, please!) 😉

Enjoy the Friday!

Peaches and cream cupcakes recipe idea

Friday Cupcake recipe ideas!

Today we want to share with one of our favourite cupcake recipes. Mar and me love the “Peached & creeeeeam” cupcakes! Does it sound good for you guys?!? 😉 Yes, the name of our cupcake are “peach & creeeeeam” cupckaes Because we put a lot of cream on top of them!! 😉

First of all make sure you hve the next neede ingredients:

  • Canned peach slices in fruit juice (400gr)
  • Butter, softened (115gr)
  • Caster sugar (115gr)
  • Eggs, lightly beaten (2)
  • Self-raising flour (115gr)
  • Double cream (150ml)

so… Are you ready?!? Here we go!

Now you only need to follow the next easy steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C /350°F (do you have an oven… you NEED that indeed! ;0))
  2. Drain the peches (save the juice)
  3. Get rady 12 peach slices (Leave separate the remaining slices and chop them.)
  4. Mix butter and sugar in a bowl. Beat together until light and fluffly.
  5. Gradually beat in the eggs.
  6. Sift in the flour and fold into the mixture.
  7. Fold in the chopped peaches and one tablespoon of juice.
  8. Put the mixure into you favourite paper cases (we hope you hadn’t forgotten about buying them!! ;))
  9. Place the paper cases into the oven for 25min or until they turn into golden brown.
  10. Leave the cupcake into to cool down.

Now we are ready to start with the funny part of the process: cupcake toppings and decorations!

Place the cream in a bowl and whip until soft peaks form. To get started we would like to tell you one of our favourite cupcakes toppings ideas. In this case, we would use the peaches slices to decorate our cupcakes. It is very easy, just spread the cream on top of the cupcakes (we recommend using a knife or spoon) to form it into peaks. Then, add the slices and just feel free and go with the flow! Just be creative! 🙂

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